Section results there were 112 patients with ccms, 50 males and 62 females, ranging from 1 to 86 years of age. Of the 112 patients, 81 were classified as familial (35 male, 46 female; mean age, 33 years; range, 1–78 years); 18, as sporadic (8 male, 10 female; mean age, 37. 6 years; range, 1–86 years); and 13, as indeterminate (7 male, 6 female; mean age, 37. 9 years; range, 2–79 years). how long after eating should you take viagra There were a total of 2212 malformations: 2176 familial, 21 sporadic, and 15 indeterminate. In the familial group, there were 3 patients with 168, 316, and 405 lesions each; this finding explains much of the difference between the mean lesion number of 26. viagra in canada without prescription 9 and the median of 7. Although lesion counting was performed with 2 observers, these very large numbers are subject to counting error. cheap viagra online The sporadic group had a mean of 1. 2 lesions per patient with a median of 1. Two patients, both in the familial group, also had a spinal cord ccm; these spinal cord ccms were not included in the above brain ccm count or in the following analysis of brain lesions. viagra 25 mg costo The comparison of ccm size between familial and sporadic groups revealed significant differences between mean (p <. 001), median (p <. 0001), and minimum (p <. canada viagra generic 0001) values by using the mann-whitney-wilcoxon test; t test p values were only slightly larger and all were also highly significant. No significant difference was observed for maximum size between the 2 groups (mann-whitney-wilcoxon, p =. can break viagra pill half 08). half pill of viagra Minimum and mean size differences were due to the numerous small lesions present in many familial cases. In a further analysis for the sporadic group, ccm mean, median, minimum, and maximum lesion size were compared for those with a dva in close proximity to those without; exact mann-whitney-wilcoxon p =. viagra online 012 for all 4 tests. The small sample size limits the significance of this finding. viagra generic In the 18 patients determined to have sporadic ccm, 8 (44%) had a dva closely associated with ≥1 ccm (fig 1). In the 81 patients with familial ccm, 1 dva was found in possible association with a ccm. In addition, 2 patients (1 familial and 1 sporadic ccm case) had a single dva remote from any ccm. viagra no prescription We considered these unrelated to the ccm and in the same category as having no dva present. Two patients with familial ccms had an apparent prominent vein near a ccm, but without the typical branching pattern of a dva. View larger version: in this window in a new window fig 1. how long after eating should you take viagra Sporadic ccm w. how long after eating should you take viagra
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